QU4DRILOGY by Frank Riggio

QU4DRILOGY is a concept work for 4 albums by Frank Riggio (STREAMING LINKS BELOW THE TEXT).

text release:

FRANK RIGGIO is a proficient recording artist, innovative composer, and skilled mastering engineer who resides in the southern region of france. Within this locale, Riggio undertakes the creation of electronic musical compositions that elude conventional classification. The adept utilization of intricate textural elements, coupled with adeptly constructed immersive ambiance and meticulously articulated organic instrumentation, distinctly distinguishes his artistic output. Riggio navigates his artistic trajectory by deftly amalgamating somber tonalities, enigmatic qualities, and culturally resonant sonic panoramas, thereby engendering a sonic milieu uniquely his own. The exploration of the auditory realm of FRANK RIGGIO undoubtedly constitutes a gratifying pursuit for discerning audiophiles.

The genesis of the project was a fully realized conceptual framework that emerged in early 2020, conceived as a quadrilogy of albums. The nomenclature QU4DRILOGY was adopted with a numerical substitution that is rooted in transparent rationale. Over a span of nearly three years, the project matured into its final form. At its core, the endeavor is motivated by FRANK RIGGIO‘s enduring interest in quantum physics and its implications for our understanding of reality. He posits that forthcoming advancements in technology, extending beyond the realm of physics, will inevitably become intertwined with quantum principles. This conviction serves as a wellspring of inspiration for the project, which is underscored by track titles aligned with quantum concepts. The project’s visual components, the covers, mirror its thematic core by drawing from quantum physics and surrealism. Symbolizing gateways, these covers sequentially usher the audience through the four albums of the QU4DRILOGY, creating a cohesive auditory and thematic journey. In essence, the albums function as interconnected portals.

The musical compositions manifest a distinctive complexity resulting from deliberate experimentation with innovative techniques. Listeners are encouraged to venture into unexplored auditory realms as they engage with the compositions. The four albums share a coherent sonic palette and methodology, yet they differ in patterns and emotions. The four albums collectively exhibit a coherent sonic palette and textural fabric, underscored by shared methodological approaches. However, divergent compositional patterns and emotional nuances among the albums prevent monotony, imparting a dynamic essence to the entirety of the project. The result is a vibrant project that thoughtfully weaves together sonic elements throughout its progression.

QU4: In the first part, the music displays frontal and captivating attributes, comprising tracks with an energetic impact suitable for car trip listening.

DRI: The second part delves into emotional and downtempo compositions, crafting deep soundscapes through acoustic experiments.

LO: The third part presents intricate beats and textures, forming surrealistic auditory experiences that convey a sense of speed through meticulous sound particle arrangement.

GY: The fourth part adopts a cinematic quality, featuring extended tracks with deep ambient soundscapes conducive to immersive experiences.

(via Hymen Records)

QU4 (first part):

digital album. hymen records ¥891

STREAM/BUY: https://hymen-records.bandcamp.com/album/qu4

Release Date: 06.14.2024


1 – Futur Quantique

2 – Atom Smasher

3 – Evolutionary Descendant

4 – Nassima

5 – Double Slit Experiment

6 – Quatuors Creators

7 – Superposition

8 – Atom Smasher (Reprise)

9 – Subquantique

DRI (second part):

digital album. hymen records ¥892

STREAM/BUY: https://hymen-records.bandcamp.com/album/dri

Release Date: 02.14.2024


1 – Stone Conception

2 – Quantique Somme

3 – Triple Slit Experiment

4 – Orgold

5 – Gosdam

6 – Human Construct

7 – Mechanics

8 – Orgold (Reprise)

9 – In Dark Matter

LO (third part):

digital album. hymen records ¥893

STREAM/BUY: https://hymen-records.bandcamp.com/album/lo

Release Date: 11.14.2023


1 – Random Existence

2 – Musique Quantique

3 – Sound Particles

4 – 4 Vibrations Quantique

5 – 1 of 1

6 – Particle Accelerator

7 – Musical Reactions

8 – Quantum Time

9 – Electrons

GY (fourth part):

Release Date: 09.14.2023

digital album. hymen records ¥894

STREAM/BUY: https://hymen-records.bandcamp.com/album/gy


1 – Rare

2 – Consciousness Creates Reality

3 – Symmetric Human Core

4 – Quantum Physics Find

5 – Nothing Unreal Exists

6 – Rare (Reprise)

7 – Photons

8 – Quantique Sun

9 – Objective Reality