High Quality mastering services using both hardware & software gear.
– Technic 1 (preferable): dynamic mastering process (decent loudness, focusing on details, preserving most of the dynamics in the mix, mixdown not squashed).
– Technic 2 (loudness war): over compressed mastering process (loud & punchy result but the mix is squashed, dynamics are killed).
– Bringing to your music: coherence, ultra details, brilliance, clarity & quality into the sound.

For further infos (rates & specs) please get in touch by using this email:

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CLIENTS (Labels):

Abstrakt Reflections


EC Underground

Hymen Records

Kaometry Records

Lakeshore Records

Tympanik Audio



14anger – The Poison Tree
6SISS – Digital Dust
Adam Letiwska – Come Back To Earth With Me
Adam Letiwska – The Captive
Adam Lastiwka – Travelers OST (Netflix)
ap_hel – intrinsic/intransit
Aqka Torr – FASCINA
Aqka Torr – Ego Contact
Aqka Torr – Volgrace
Aqka Torr – Le Plus Grand Nombre
Aqka Torr – Bassaigu
Aqka Torr – Taquine EP
Architect – Neon EP
Astroboter – Form & Void
Azeem – The Vision Teller
Collage Noire – Black Steel
Deela – La Ceremonia
Deela – Skulltura Pt2
Deela – Sundance Ep
Defrag – Float
Defrag – Lost Seas
Defrag – Lost Lands
Defrag – Lost Worlds
Diaphane – Lifeforms
Diaphane – The Roots
Distel – Zand
EC Underground – v/a – The 88 Notes (Series 1)
EC Underground – v/a – The Sonic Landscapes Mission
Enkephalin – Cloud Surfer EP
Enkephalin – Haunted Tales EP
Enkephalin – The Earth Suicide EP
grand mal x – darkness
Haus Am Rand – Meel
HEFT – Hermitage
Hokum Tribe – Bipolar EP
Hokum Tribe – Childhood Memories EP
Hokum Tribe – Dust To Stone
Hokum Tribe – Land Of Different Ideologies
Hyusfall – Ancient Manifesto
Icko – Still Up
Idelfon – Submarine EP
Jérôme Chassagnard – Inner Dialog
Jérôme Chassagnard – Sea EP
Jérôme Chassagnard – Outer Dialog
Jérôme Chassagnard – Wind EP
John Bergin – CRASH & BURN Vol. 1
John Bergin – Killer
Krux – v/a
Lokom – Chemical Shaphered
MacroNoise – Caravan Planet
Max Grey – Run/Path/Grounded
Metastaz – Orient Dub Express
Millipede – A Mist And A Vapor
My Gloomy Machine – Adaptation EP
My Gloomy Machine – Ascension
My Gloomy Machine – Submerging Yourself Into The World Of Others (Single)
My Gloomy Machine – Transformation I
Nebulo – The Safari Suites VOL II
Neptunian8 – Chrysiridia
No Landscape Survives – Quantums of Inconsistency
Ozferti – Southern Roads
Ozferti – This Is Afrogrime
Pablo Benjamin – Fragmentada (OST)
Paul Kendall – Family Value Pack
R2 – Time Issues
Rafiralfiro TRIO – In Limbo
Soulslept – Eyecircles
Strange Enquête – 10 Heures D’Avion EP
Strange Enquête – J’vais t’Pourrir la Vie
Strange Enquête –
Subskan – Ambidextrous Asylums
Subskan – Drawback
Subskan – Isola Emphasis
Tapage – Five & Six
The Rise Of The Synths (Official Companion Album) EP 1 (OST)
The Rise Of The Synths (Official Companion Album) EP 2 (OST)
Tom Schutzinger – RED (OST)
Tonikom – Seeking The Lost Mind
Tympanik Audio – v/a – Emerging Organisms vol.5
VNDL – Gahrena: Paysages Electronique
VNDL – Gahrena: Structures
VoxxoV – v/a – Fall Is A House Of Gold And Rain
VoxxoV – v/a – Faith In A Wet Season
Ynoji – Conjuro