Invisible, odorless & impalpable, what kind of imprints does the music leaves?

Announcing the new trilogy of albums: Empreinte Musicale by Frank Riggio

« Very proud to announce my new trilogy of albums called Empreinte Musicale.

I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that music or sounds don’t really exist. It’s almost disturbing to me when I think too much about it, how can I spend hours and hours creating something that doesn’t really exist?
I thought it might be interesting for me to use this rather redundant questioning as basis for a musical project, then I had the idea of producing this new trilogy based on this question:

Invisible, odorless & impalpable, what kind of imprints does the music leaves? »

– Frank Riggio

The trilogy has been created throughout the french literal meaning « Empreinte » (English: imprint). Each track represents an imaginary « Empreinte » and each album is an « Empreinte » as a whole. In order to feed the concept in a sonic way, a large palette of sounds (footsteps, rain, printer, train, car, sand…) has been recorded then processed to be used in musical contexts, together connected to all the other electronic (synths, vocoder, fx…) and acoustic elements (drums, vocals, guitar, harp…).

The “Empreinte Musicale” trilogy represents an exploration of sounds and emotions, a bridge between sound design and composition, a blend of both musical aspects that combine to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Consisting of 3 albums & 3 singles, this new project will be released digitally in a course of 3 months (6 releases, one every two weeks).

Here are the releases dates & bandcamp links for preorder:

Empreinte Initiale (Single) : 16/04/2021

Empreinte Musicale 1 (Album) : 30/04/2021

Empreinte Phénoménale (Single) : 14/05/2021

Empreinte Musicale 2 (Album) : 28/05/2021

Empreinte Originale (Single) : 11/06/2021

Empreinte Musicale 3 (Album) : 25/06/2021

The cover arts have been initially generated by some of the music of the albums using spectral analysis techniques. Hence, it comes with no surprise that all the images are visual « Empreintes » of the music.

Releases (click the images to Stream/Buy):

Empreinte Musicale 3 :

Empreinte Originale (Single) :

Empreinte Musicale 2 :

Empreinte Phénoménale (Single) :

Empreinte Musicale 1:

Empreinte Initiale (Single):