the Psychexcess trilogy is now completed! very happy to release this final installment today. 6 years of hard work, only driven by my love and passion for music & sound design.
thank you for your support!

Psychexcess III – Eternalism is out now!
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Psychexcess – Jadis is out now!
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01 End!
02 Eternalism
03 Laisse Passer Le Temps
04 M108 To M58
05 Infinie Galaxie I
06 …Of One Human Reality
07 Gy
08 Back From Futurism
09 Psychexcess


01 Exponential
02 Jadis
03 Piliers De La Création
04 Excess Tera
05 Broken Cheap Stradivarius
06 Fierce
07 2028
08 Diminutif
09 L’Espace Et Le Temps
10 Conquer The Vast!
11 Kyma Sutra
12 Vnsn Phlsphr
13 Fullof
14 Fullof (Artless Version)
15 Anagramma
16 Bck Frm Ftrsm
17 pschxcss3trck3&7
18 Infinie Galaxie I (Demo)
19 Un
20 M88 To M90
21 Back From Eternalism
22 It’s Raining Love On The Signal


“stop a moment with dualities and fears, enjoy the gorgeousness of the unknown. the psychexcess.”
frank riggio and hymen records present the third and final part of the ‘psychexcess’ trilogy: ‘eternalism’, supplemented with the additional album ‘jadis’. this long-term project, designed to be similar to a three movie series in aural format is about birth, life & death. it is related to space & films, and also inspired by the concepts of the time & the psyche. all of these influences are connected to each other and driven by sound experimentations.
after the primary topics of birth and life in the trilogy’s first two parts, ‘eternalism’ deals with death as a truly closing subject which includes an interpretation of the afterlife and the separation of mind and body. although this album is subdivided into nine parts, it was conceived to be treated as one long track lasting for one hour and nine minutes and which should be listened to without interruption. an important part for the conception of this record is also that it was produced continuously, from track 1 to track 9, as a spontaneous, improvised process within nine months.
just like a well-concepted film score ‘eternalism’ offers an atmospheric buildup and captivating arcs of suspense, painting a storyline of deep darkness and unsettling confusion. the basis of cinematic ambiance and sound design is masterly connected with profound rhythm components and disturbing collages while modern classical textures and instrumentation play a prominent role to achieve a balance between the organic and the electronic sound spectrum.
a coherent, deep and highly sophisticated release especially for late night listening sessions which is intended to work as a carrier for a journey into unknown places – maybe even into eternity.


frank riggio’s ‘psychexcess’ trilogy was designed and realized over the course of more than half a decade, comprising three full length albums which embrace a myriad of sounds and tempers based on the topics birth, life and death. 22 compositions of these intense, longing recording sessions haven’t been part of the albums, nevertheless they were part of the trilogy and might be an equivalent of a movie’s deleted scenes which should not kept back from an audience. these tracks are now compiled on ‘jadis’ (french for ‘once’ or ‘formerly’) as a fascinating survey of addition and completion.

this addendum offers a high level of suspense and a wide sonic palette between stirring sci-fi inspired abstraction and dreamy, melancholic serenity. riggio’s astounding skills in sound design are shown on each note produced with acoustic and electronic equipment generating artificial soundtrack motifs, strong downbeat grooves, electroacoustic manipulations… you name it.

a strong atmospheric release whose full potential has to be discovered while listening several times – because the past is the past, and it’s never ever gone.